15 tips for using social media. Improve your reputation management strategies

Posted on December 28, 2009 by

Here are some suggestions to help you develop your social media and reputation management strategies.  It is by no means a complete a list, but a starting point from which you can work. This is a fast moving industry and by the time you read this, the list will have grown. That’s what makes this business so fascinating and challenging, yet so rewarding.


  1. Start with familiar territory and build on it. No one has all of the answers and this is a dynamic environment that is changing by the minute.  Doing nothing is a mistake.
  2. Once you embark on a project make sure you are prepared to follow through. No one wants to see a blog or a Facebook page that has “regular” postings of every other month.
  3. Hire someone to create content for your social media sites and to interact with your followers and fans.  If needed, “build out” this role as opposed to finding “the best person on staff currently”. This may be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Get professional advice if needed.
  4. Create specific guidelines for using social media and blogging platforms for your employees both on the clock and off.  They need to know what is acceptable as an employee and as someone who made engage in social media outlets on their own time.
  5. Participate in social networks; practice what you preach.  You will see good and bad examples of how to manage a social media presence and you will also find new and interesting information that you can share on your site.
  6. Accept all forms of feedback and respond timely and accordingly. Especially to your reviews.
  7. Identify clear outcome expectations from your social campaigns. Those in the department need to know what the goals are and in what timeframe they need to be achieved.
  8. When blogging, updating Facebook, tweeting or engaging in any other social networking activities, be transparent about who you are, who you represent, what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you would like to communicate with your audience.
  9. Speak in a language people understand, be real and be truthful at all times. Especially when addressing a complaint or issue that needs corrective action.
  10. When engaging in social media understand that it is rarely the place for regular marketing or hard sell tactics. While it is acceptable to announce specials and invite consumers to communicate with you, remember they are here for other reasons as well.
  11. Improve the lives of your customers through your actions and posts by bringing them new information and expanding their horizons. If you can make ‘em laugh and smile you have done the best thing you can for them.
  12. Educate the employees who are not involved in social media at your company too. Encourage them to explore this on their own. They may bring you some great ideas once they become engaged.
  13. No matter what your role in the company make sure that the proper department maintains a copy of all log ins and passwords for your initiatives. If you own the company, nothing could be more frustrating than trying to find out how to get into all of your accounts. If you run this department you do not want to be known as someone who did not fulfill the role that was designed for success. Do the right thing as we are dealing with reputation management after all.
  14. Involving your agency can be a good thing, but remember this is your company and your message. Getting advice is fine and recommended, but make sure your vision is not lost.
  15. Push the envelope! Never stop trying to improve your social media platform. By staying fresh and always thinking about what you should be doing next you will be providing your company and your customers an indispensable service.
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