Cyber Monday – A Great Chance to Showcase Your Online Reputation

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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday stirs various feelings in business owners and employees across the globe. Most owners are excited and ready to push the envelope to capture their share of online dollars as spenders flock to the web for great deals on just about anything. Others may not be so excited; your webmaster for one, who has to ensure that everything is running smoothly and every functionality is operating flawlessly during this crush of traffic.

This is not an easy season for those who have to maintain an e-commerce site, but it is a great chance to accomplish two things. Or perhaps a better way of stating that is to say, it is a chance to enhance two areas of your business.

Gather Reviews

This time of year is perfect for collecting numerous customer reviews online. The influx of visitors and customers is tremendous and should be capitalized on by your team. Here are a few ideas of where you can get these reviews from your site visits:

  • Online Chat – If your site has online chat why not instruct your team to ask for a review once the purchase has been completed. Done in a timely fashion, a moderately satisfied or un-satisfied customer could be turned around with a simple request for a review. The experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind and may shed some light on a previously unknown issue at your company.
  • Review Pop-up – A simple questionnaire that appears just before your visitor is about to leave. Provide a link to source you have that allows for feedback on the customer experience. The option of selecting “Did you purchase with us” and “You did not purchase with us” should be given to achieve better feedback and may expose a problem area in your transaction process.
  • Simple email – After the transaction has occurred asking for feedback/review. One additional tip here is that someone is reading these emails as quickly as they are coming in to identify a problem that is happening in “real time” so it can be corrected quickly.

Page One Presence- Who else is there?

With so much traffic coming from an organic search of your name, it’s a perfect opportunity for your team to evaluate what customers are doing/seeing at the point of page one arrival. Are they seeing a page that is dominated by “you” and your company assets such as your Facebook page, Twitter account, separate blog if your company has one, etc., or are they inundated with poachers who have latched on to your name and are riding your brand’s coat tails in order to steal your traffic?

Think about how that appears to your customers. What do they think of a business that delivers page one results that give the impression your company doesn’t care what shows up here. Customers are much more “search savvy” and expect certain results when they search now. Especially if it is a direct search for a business name.

Imagine if a customer was driving to your physical location and within two blocks of your store and in front of your store there were billboards, signs, and banners placed there by your competitors. What would your customer’s think? They would think that you weren’t engaged with what’s happening right in front of you. They could be thinking the same thing when they “drive by” your digital location; your primary page one. This can dramatically alter your customers’ opinion of who you are and how important your brand name is. This is another touch point that must be managed or it could cost you dearly on Cyber Monday or in the long run.

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