Disappearing Google Reviews Make Third-Party Reviews Even More Important

Posted on August 16, 2012 by

The only thing that is constant about Google is the fact that it always changes. Most recently, car dealers from across the country have seen their Google reviews drop off of the face of the Earth. Dealers everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to improve their low-to-mediocre star rating on Google.

In steps Presto Reviews.

Presto Reviews is a portal site that can be used by your customers to give feedback about your dealership and all of the content and reviews that they provide are yours to own. With the Presto Review platform, reviews can be syndicated to other feeds that accept an RSS and can also be deployed to Twitter, Facebook and other media outlets. It’s tough to rely on one single company to host your reviews, especially when that company keeps changing the rules on how to get reviews from your customer. With Presto Reviews, you’ll never have to worry about waking up one day and seeing all of your valiant efforts shattered.

If you have been struck down by the powers of Google, consider using Presto Reviews as your review hosting site. Our platform is SEO friendly and provides an owner response field for to you respond to your customers. In addition to that, the entire site was built to be SEO friendly, incorporating title tags, meta descriptions and more. You can also embed photos and videos into your reviews!

What we don’t recommend is that you do a complete full circle and stop asking customers to post reviews on Google. As the algorithm changes, the Google bots may get better at differentiating the real reviews from the fake reviews and having your customers post reviews on Google is still encouraged; we just don’t think you should put all of your eggs in one basket. This has happened before with Google and just as you woke up to see your reviews had disappeared, it’s possible that you may wake up again and see that they have returned.

Don’t wait for another Google algorithm to throw your reviews in the garbage. Keep your reviews and showcase them to the world with a Presto Reviews website.

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