Google Changes the Rules

Posted on July 22, 2011 by

How it Affects You

By now, many of you have heard that 3rd party review sites are no longer being counted in the “star rating” reviews section of a business on Google Places. That means that dealerships, hotels, restaurants, dentists and anyone else with a Places Page must rely on their customers doing reviews directly through Google in order to boost your star rating and count.

Heavy Handed

One might say it was over the top; another a smart business move. Google is making itself more significant by making everyone else less significant. Either way the fallout needs to be discussed and the future of reputation management has just changed.

Google Places Was the End All be All

Colleagues and industry experts have stated that Google Places was the central location for your reviews across the web. As Presto Reviews launched, it was stated often enough, but it was difficult to completely buy in. In fact, our company has stood for a balanced approach to reputation management since day one. Putting all of your eggs in one basket has never been a wise choice to do in any industry. We promote the concept of having a powerful Places Page, but we also promote the idea of dominating page one with company owned assets that push poachers to page two and beyond. It appears now that this ingredient of reputation management is even more important and relevant.

Page One Housekeeping

So our advice for today is this:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of any review portal that does not have your business’ best interest first and foremost as they are useless for helping you dominate page one and substantially less significant in the evolution of your Places Page.
  • Put a strong process in place with top-down management buy-in that has your business receiving reviews from customers with a Gmail account while they are in the store, while also utilizing other review sites such as Presto Reviews, that increase your online presence and page one domination.
  • Remember to use the IRMP (Internet Reputation Management Portal) site included with your Presto Reviews package that encourages your dealership to send customers around the web to talk about you.
  • Look at your website analytics to see from where your traffic is coming  and visit those search terms to see what is listed for that page one search result. (see the article on search engine reputation management)
  • Analyze what you need to do to clean up these other page ones and get the poachers off of your brand’s search results.

We are a Proud Partner

Presto Reviews will continue to be a proud supporter of small business. We will continue to offer solutions to assist you in getting your reviews off of the “corkboard” and onto the digital highway in a way that best promotes your business. We will also continue to be a solutions based company that provides your business with real answers to real problems…sometime before they occur!

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