Presto Dealer Reviews Checklist for Success

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What do all of these dealerships have in common? They are all customers of Presto Reviews, an online reviews tool that allows you to completely take control of your dealership’s reputation and make customer reviews work for you. If you are tired of working for YOUR review site, and tired of 3rd party advertisements, not to mention very little control of the content that is posted about you- then it is time to learn more about Presto Reviews. Take a look at the Presto Reviews Check-List below and make sure your dealership is on the right track toward success:

Presto Reviews Check-List

  • Establish a store-wide process for monitoring, sharing, and moderating reviews in order to communicate the importance of reviews to the sales team, service department, and managers. Everyone must understand and buy in to the review process and the importance of your online reputation.
  • Use automated tools, such as the Presto Reviews e-mail notification tool and respond to all reviews in a timely manner.
  • Hold a Presto Reviews kick off meeting and demonstrate how the product works to your sales and service team. Explain when and where the customers will complete a review – on the computer in the sales or service department or another location such as a Presto Reviews kiosk or an iPad.
  • Host a kick-off contest for your staff to see who can generate the most 5 star reviews in a month or who can reach a specific penetration level of reviews to sales.
  • Ask for the sales review before the customer begins the finance process. This way they will have spent time in the dealership and will be able to write the review while the experience is still fresh in their mind. THIS IS KEY. The reviews will be more personal and the customer will remember specifics about their experience. Make Presto Reviews a crucial part of your marketing efforts.
  • Designate a Presto Reviews Moderator. Once the reviews are completed and stored in the Presto Reviews database, they need to be replied to or simply approved. The Internet or Social Media director will be the best candidate as they may already be working with the dealership’s online reputation and SEO strategies and have a better understanding of how to optimize replies for maximum search engine results.
  • Review the site stats each month. Address any concerns or highlight successes of individual employees. This will demonstrate that you are serious about your dealership’s reputation and you are monitoring the progress of your site.
  • Do not fake online reviews or be fooled by some review sites and reputation companies who claim they will be able to “fix” your online reputation; it is in your hands.


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