Presto Reviews Gets Some Major Upgrades!

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Updates to Presto May 17, 2011

Presto Reviews unveils its latest suite of updates. Online Automotive Reputation Management software gets new tools.

As you know, making the perfect reputation management, SEO, and/or review site is not always an easy task, but with Presto Reviews you have the tools available to reach your goals. Every month we are continuing to think of new and innovative ways to make Presto Reviews the best for our clients. With this most recent update we are moving closer to this goal.


Our favorite addition to the Presto Review sites is the added functionality of an easy to manage blog. As you know, “content is king” and this has never been truer. User generated content in the form of a review has always been the cornerstone of Presto. Now, with a live blog format, our clients can add this already solid foundation as an extra, added value. Your Presto site can now warehouse more relevant and fresh content simultaneously with your consumer reviews and grow even stronger on the SERP’s.  See the Navigation Menu screen shot for instructions on how to display your blog.  (screenshot).

Site Statistics and Sourcing

Along with our added blogging feature, we have also updated the Presto Reviews administrator/back-end portal. You can now measure every review by star rating, salesperson, and city during any given time frame. This offers the ability to ensure your business goals of achieving high penetration of both sales and service reviews as a percentage of sold units and repair orders are being met.  Along with the back-end updates, a Source Report is now available that allows customers to enter the specific reason that explains why they initially chose to visit your location. You can conveniently compare the Source Report with your CRM logs and see if there are any glaring discrepancies and improve accuracy!

Navigation Bar Options & Easy Password Recovery

Your Presto Reviews site also now comes with the option of adding two navigation bars that you control. Each bar contains up to 6 links that direct online visitors to other related websites of your choice. These bars are prominently displayed on both the top and bottom of your main Presto Reviews page, which will better steer your visitors to important links. Presto Reviews will be driving traffic not only to your main website, but to your other websites as well! This added feature creates 12 more points of entry that consumers now have available to better engage with your business. The effects of this feature are numerous, including more resources for customers as well as the time visitors will spend viewing your online content in areas such as your new and used inventory, online credit application, or maybe to your Facebook page. The choice is yours, as are the options to use the navigation bars. With Presto, you have the power to choose one, two or neither. It’s all about you!

We have also created a quick link for password recovery.  Now, if you have trouble logging in, simply enter the e-mail address you have registered with Presto and you will be able to re-set your user password.

Email Notification. Never miss a new review with our notification tool. Just enter your email in the Admin panel and every time a new review is submitted by your customer you’ll know about it instantly.


Ensuring Quality User Experiences

Presto Reviews is proud to be pioneering a new and cutting edge way of gathering your reviews and enhancing your overall reputation.  However, this is only our beginning and we pride ourselves with providing on-going training and guidance- Presto Reviews will not “leave you hanging” once we have your business.  Presto Reviews includes dealership consultations with your sites at no extra cost.  We are not only dedicated to providing effective tools, but to also guide you throughout the process. Our range of services creates many options for you including building micro sites and geo-targeted review sites that will keep you ahead of your competition. Living up to the nature of online reviews, Presto Reviews has also found that to have the best product means we need the best feedback from our clients. Please let us know how we are doing or if  you have specific enhancements, ideas, that you would like see implemented. We guarantee every suggestion will be welcomed and evaluated for practical use, product improvements, and ensuring a quality customer experience.

You can count on us to provide you with personable, friendly, and knowledgeable consultants who will help you to utilize online opportunities to their fullest potential. Learn ideas and find ways to implement up-to-date best practices and advice from trained professionals, as it pertains to your review sites and beyond. Your success is our success.

A special thanks to Nathan and Steve at Infiniti of Lisle and their group of stores, Chris at Dennis Hyundai, Steve, Jeff and Kevin at H&H Chevy and Kia, and Tyler and the team at Suzuki of Wichita for chipping in with ideas for this round of upgrades!

Here’s to your reputation! Cheers!

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