Presto Reviews introduces new city aggregator feature

Posted on March 3, 2010 by

Presto Reviews Reputation Management introduces new city aggregator feature

You may have noticed a new feature appear recently on your site; a list of cities that you have sold “into” on the right rail of the home page. This is the new “city aggregator” tool that compiles all of the reviews from a certain city and displays them on a separate page with a new dynamic URL that is very SEO friendly. In fact we have seen Google page one placement for some of these search terms in a matter of days (hours in several cases).

Suggestion for your new tool

You have a customer in the store and they need another reason to do business with you. Why not take them to the city aggregator page and show them what their neighbors are saying about your dealership? Don’t forget the psyche behind the review concept and why it’s so powerful. People want to do business where people like themselves are already doing business. The “common denominator” factor is what makes reviews and referrals so powerful. Somebody just like you has already been here and has had a good experience and has good things to say about this business. Nothing new certainly, but now we are available to leverage it (Presto Reviews) and with this new feature we can capitalize on it in a very specific way. Try it yourself soon and see if you don’t start closing a few extra deals a month with this.

Deep Linking

You’re probably already using your site for deep linking to your other digital properties; why not try it to your city aggregator page? Here’s how it would be done:
In the reply section of your review try mentioning the fact that you “are pleased to be the Cedar Rapids Chevy Dealer” for your customer and deep link it to the city aggregator URL. If you have other blogs and micro sites, use those as well and see if you can’t get your city aggregator page on Google page one for an important geo search of your product. So now when a future prospect searches “Chevy dealer Cedar Rapids” your page with a very compelling URL shows up. Another billboard on Google highway…all for free!


Internet Quotes

The next time you get a request for a price on a new or used vehicle from a potential client in a city that you have already sold into, why not include a link in the quote to the appropriate city page so they can see what their neighbors have to say about you. It should be very effective if it happens to be a city that you have a competitor in as your potential client must give pause and ask “why have all of these people bypassed the dealer right here in town to do business elsewhere?”

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