Presto Reviews introduces salesperson aggregator and facebook integration tool

Posted on March 1, 2010 by

Presto Reviews was created to give auto dealers and other businesses the chance to gather user generated content in the form of a review and display in a review site format that they maintained. The next evolution of Presto Reviews is to assist companies with redeploying this content on other sites and properties-like facebook.


Presto Reviews has introduced a salesperson aggregator and facebook integration tool that allows businesses to reach more customers in a professional, non-selling format. Every time a review from a Presto Reviews site is moderated and approved, an RSS feed will automatically deliver the text to the salesperson’s facebook wall. Here’s why it will help you start selling cars from facebook …

If you have 12 salespeople and six have facebook pages with 200 friends each, you can conservatively estimate that half of those friends are either not aware that your salesperson is actually in the auto industry or these people have not associated your salesperson with your store. What happens when the review of your store and your salesperson is posted to each one of their respective walls? Six hundred introductions to your dealership that’s what! And the second review for each salesperson that goes up as a reminder of how awesome your dealership is, goes out to these 600 people again. If each of these six people sells 10 cars a month and receives one review per customer that is sent to 100 new contacts your dealership has just communicated 6,000 new messages in 30 days to potential clients ! The best part is that it is in a totally professional, non-selling format.

When reviews begin posting to walls, salespeople begin to hear …

“Hey I forgot you sold cars-my mom needs one. I’m calling you now.”

“I didn’t know you worked at a dealership. My car was just totaled. Can you help me?”

“Wow, I had no idea you were such an awesome salesperson. These reviews of you are great.”

There is no other tool your salesperson has at their disposal to elicit that kind of perception enhancing responses from their peers!

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