Presto Reviews To Sponsor 2011 Pit Stop SEO Training And Digital Marketing Workshop In Chicago

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Presto Reviews will sponsor PCG Pit Stop Digital Training Tour and will present Reputation Management and Syndication strategy  discussions on Sunday June 12, 2011

Presto Reviews is pleased to support the education of our clients and the opportunity to expand their knowledge base by recommending they attend this seminar produced by PCG Digital Marketing.

This is why Presto Reviews has decided to sponsor the 2011 Pit Stop SEO Training and Digital Marketing Workshop in Chicago June 11-12, 2011. Workshops and seminars like “Pit Stop” initiated by PCG Digital Marketing, a company who rates as the “Top Internet Trainer” by Driving Sales at NADA 3 years in row, are vital tools for the success of all business endeavors.  PCG is offering multiple attendee discounts for this session, if you are able to bring 4 or more in your group, each person will get the opportunity to attend for only $325 each! Here are the benefits and schedules for the weekend:

  • The workshops will begin Saturday, June 11, at 4PM and the final session will conclude Sunday, June 12, at 4 PM
  • Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch included
  • Customized SEO training to coincide with your dealership information
  • Full workshop analysis and step by step process on how to improve dealership digital marketing strategy
  • Targeted workshops especially for Dealer Principals/GM, General Sales Managers/ISM, and Fixed Operations Managers

The workshops will include these topics:

  • Improving Your Customer Communication Channels: Phone Calls & Email
  • Sales People – 10 Steps to Selling More by Social Networking
  • Fixed Operations Marketing with SEO, SEM, and Social Media
  • Reputation Management Process & Platforms
  • Dominate Local Search Using Video SEO Strategies
  • Effective Content Writing To Increase Sales and Fixed Ops Revenue
  • Effective Digital Marketing Strategies To Implement Now
  • Google Places Optimization & Advertising Using Google Boost
  • Dealer Websites & Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Sales and Fixed Ops
  • Reviewing Your CRM & Internet Lead Management Processes
  • Google Adwords Strategies for Sales and Fixed Ops
  • Dealer Chat Solutions – Establishing The Real ROI of Online Chat
  • Are You Vulnerable? Dealer Compliance Updates

Many businesses attempt to manage SEO and digital marketing strategies on their own utilizing what extra “internet” employees they can find, only to discover the task is a full-time, on-going job that requires in depth knowledge of the subject.  With search engines constantly coming up with new tools, information, and even implementing different “rules” for the way their searches gather and display information, it can leave you and your business out of breath and lagging behind.  Because the industry is relatively new, many people have trouble finding an SEO company they can trust. We’ve all come across scams, or in the non-digital realm con-artists,  and what we know about SEO can help us to not fall for lies and unfulfilled promises, but how do you make an educated decision when faced with so many uncertainties?

The answer is simple: Just as consumers trust peer-to-peer reviews anddigital documentation you should, too! The only way to be sure of what an SEO company is capable of, and whether or not your business should partner with them, is to find out how much experience they have had- and even more importantly- examples of clients they have already helped.

Presto Reviews is dedicated to providing this on-going service and has the experience and know-how, and a great team who understands the industry and is committed to seeing dealers prosper.  Often times we are able to offer our clients consulting services free of charge. We know an educated customer will garner far superior results than the alternative.

We would encourage you to check out the Pit Stop event’s web-site or even better, look at the Chicago Pit Stop Sign-Up Page. The compact schedule of this workshop makes it easy leave for the weekend and be back for work on Monday morning – with new ideas, strategies, and knowledge to ensure that your business is not left in the dust.

Please let Presto Reviews know if you have any further questions about this workshop by visiting our Contact Page, where you will find our direct number and also have the ability to send us a quick e-mail.

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