QR Codes are starting to take off. Is your dealership utilizing this tool to promote your reviews?

Posted on February 12, 2011 by

QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, are quickly becoming a popular tool for dealerships to promote everything from inventory and internet specials to service department information and parts availability. But have you thought about using a QR code inside of the dealership to promote your individual salesperson’s reviews?

QR Codes are a Success!

We are getting great feedback from several dealers who have placed a table tent or similar device on each salesperson’s desk that contain the salesperson’s name and a QR Code and say “Read my Reviews”. Some customers have seen these and know exactly what they are and have no choice but to satisfy their curiosity by scanning the code. Others ask what they are and the salesperson has a chance to share with them some info on this “new” technology (not so new though).

Create a Conversation with your Customers

In either case a conversation is created around the salesperson’s reviews and opens the door for additional report building or a discussion about how well this salesperson treat his or her customers. In the first 10 minutes of a customer’s visit I can’t think of too many other things I would like for them to talk about can you? Talk about setting the tone for a positive experience!

More Ideas on QR Codes & their Use

Another thought is to add these same QR Codes to the back of business cards. This can be a great way to separate your sales department from the rest of the dealerships competing for your customer’s business. Creating these free standing holders is easy and inexpensive and is another way to promote your teams great reviews. For more info on how it works visit Presto QR Codes.

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