Presto Reviews Spotlight: Suzuki of Wichita

Posted on January 23, 2012 by

This month’s Presto Reviews Spotlight takes us to Wichita, KS with our featured site of the month- Suzuki of Wichita. From the very start, Suzuki of Wichita was excited to get their Presto Reviews Web site live and working for them. In a few short months, they have become one of the most developed and utilized Presto clients we have. We would like to recognize Suzuki of Wichita and also use them as an example of what your Presto Reviews site can be doing for you!

Not only has Suzuki of Wichita taken the time to ensure the Presto Reviews features are fully loaded, but their reviews, replies, pictures, and video all show this dealership’s “personality”. More importantly, Suzuki of Wichita is able to convey a very clear message: They are having fun!

If you are looking to add personal touches and reach your community on a more sincere level, then visit Suzuki of Wichita’s Presto Reviews page today and notice what they are up to! From the sales staff to their customers, everyone is having a great time. It is easy to realize that this dealership is truly making a connection with the people who visit their store. Their pictures and video, right down to their review replies, shows everyone who visits their site that their customers are truly a priority.

You ARE your brand, and this is the number one secret to gaining complete control over your business’s online reputation. In order to completely manage your brand, you have to live your brand.

Just like Suzuki of Wichita, you must treat each customer as a unique customer; find out what makes them special and how you can connect with them. After you have made that connection, find creative ways to share this online. Whether it is through fun and/or thoughtful photos, or a cute video of a car buyer couple’s “talking” baby, you will be sure to stand out from the competition.

Suzuki of Wichita has become the NUMBER ONE Suzuki dealership in the United States for the 2nd consecutive year! They thank their great employees and customers for their success and are looking forward to another memorable and fun year. Suzuki of Wichita prides themselves on world-class customer service with a Non-Commissioned sales staff that talks the buyers language.  Check out what this dealership is doing online, and take a few notes from them.  Visit this dealership today for all of your new Suzuki and used car needs!

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