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Posted on April 5, 2012 by

Social Platform Presto Reviews

Presto Reviews brings you new social tools to your reviews everywhere online.

Most of us have been reading how important social signals, like +1’s and the new Google Plus pages will be for SEO and Presto Reviews couldn’t agree more. That’s why we have begun to integrate existing social tool into your review platform.

Let’s get started with what’s new.

Salesperson/Professional Profile Page

One of the most important features of your review site is the fact that your team can aggregate reviews under their own names. We’ve already created a landing page showcasing your team’s reviews by professional, but now, we’ve taken it to a whole new level. Each person can now add a bio, picture, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, Facebook account and also a Google Plus profile and push individual reviews to most of these platforms. All images are alt tagged with your dealership name for added SEO value. We encourage your team to connect their Presto Reviews page with their Google Plus profile as we have added the all important rel=”me” and rel=”auth” code to the site in an effort to showcase your pros in the SERPs by notifying Google that they have an important circle to share.

Presto Reviews Google Search

We didn’t stop there. We also added, as an-opt in only feature, the same connections for your reviewers. Now they will have the option to add their Google Plus profile and connect their review to their Plus page. The influence this can have on search is truly remarkable as anyone in their social connection (as seen by the SERP) can be impacted by their connection to your store when they do a search. Your store and or team member may now show up on a search performed by someone who has a connection to a current customer because of your review site. The more reviews you get by social influencers, the more likely your business is to show up in results. No added work on your part, but the results can be impressive when handled properly. Keep watching for more signals pertaining to Search Plus Your World (SPYW) and you’ll see why we are excited about this.

Tweet This

Each and every review site will now have its own Twitter account; every time a review is moderated by your business, it will be tweeted by us. Want some added Twitter love? We can show you how to connect your store’s account so that each time a review goes live it will be tweeted by your business. We’ve also added 10 different templates that are customizable by you, allowing you to add trending hash tags (#) and Twitter handles that you feel may be important to get the word out about your reviews. Imagine the brand manufacturer picking up on your reviews and retweeting to thousands of followers how great you treat your customers.

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