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Presto Reviews provides a customized review site that gives you a strategic tool for communicating with your customers. Today’s customer wants to give an opinion, so let them.

We’ve made things a little easier for you

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Simple-to-complete review forms help your customers quickly give rich, relevant reviews to help future shoppers make an informed purchase decision. With Presto Reviews it is easy to begin building relationships with future customers. Allowing customers to give real details about their buying experience increases customer engagement and provides the peer-to-peer advertising that money can’t buy.

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Brand loyalty – keep customers and staff engaged

Reviews by customers create satisfaction and long-term relationships. Reviews tell a story about your business that your advertisements may not convey. Trusted endorsements by the people who purchase from you create a positive moving force in the buying process, making it easier for you to build confidence and trust in your potential customers. Your staff will also feel empowered by reviews. Reinforcing their hard-working efforts as well as providing strategic tools to properly build quality relationships with customers.


Building trust in your business helps increase ROI, and customer satisfaction.

Consumers are a little less trusting of advertisements these days, and who can blame them? Customers are armed with a plethora of information readily at their fingertips, from search engines, friends, television and more. Your customers are more educated than ever. Reviews are the first place your customers go to find how good your product or service really is. Before they even leave their house or even began their buying process, they have read reviews, information on your product or servivce, and obtained an overall opinion of you. Who better to endorse your product, brand, or service than your own customers? These people are your brand evangelists. They are the people that fuel your business. Empower them to voice their opinion of your product, service, and business so that potential customers can make an educated, trusted, unbiased opinion of your product or service.

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