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Highly configurable and tailor-made to suit your business

The power has always been in your hands. Presto Reviews just gave you the right tool to wield it. Extremely customizable and custom-built for your business, Presto Reviews software makes the review process easy for you and your customers.

  • Your own domain name,
  • Keywords, title tags, etc. customized for your brand to appear high in search results (link to SEO page to read more)
  • On-site blog
  • Add your own videos, images, and text
  • Add/remove staff members on the fly, also categorize & index by name
  • Reply to each and every customer review w/ text, pictures, and even video! (See how Suzuki of Wichita does it!)
  • Set multiple random & customized auto-responses to reviews
  • Categorize reviews by city/state!
  • Moderate Reviews
  • Display reviews on Social Networks
  • Customizable Navigation Menus, increase conversions
  • Auto-Approve Reviews w/ ability to change frequency
  • Add your business info & contact information
  • Extended Social Media profiles for staff members
  • Great link building tool
  • Download your reviews – access them anywhere, anytime!
  • Get a kiosk! Order a review kiosk and make it easier for customers to write reviews

Presto Reviews Platinum SEO

Presto Reviews SEO features will take any link building strategy to new levels. Custom Reply fields allow for a completely automated review process. Using this unique combination of tools, it’s simple to create web content and links that will be added to reviews. Add a reply automatically to each and every review if you choose.

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Presto Reviews Social Media

Get the most from Social Media! Presto Reviews software integrates with various top social media sites, so you can get the most power out of your reviews and content.

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