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There is a troubling pattern with most review websites and systems. They cater solely to the consumer and how they felt about your product online; good or bad. However, when it comes time for you to take charge and manage your online reputation, improve your business models, and fix problems, there is no way to address most of the reviews posted online. One unsatisfactory customer experienced posted online, and your reputation takes a major hit. Have you been there before?

Presto Reviews provides services for businesses who desire to provide excellent customer satisfaction to its patrons. Providing a solution for negative reviews with a method to respond, Presto Reviews provides businesses with the tools they need to request honest feedback on their store’s level of customer service while providing the ability to honestly address consumers who want to have their issues addressed.

Your team may be All-Stars, providing stellar customer service, but you can’t effectively convey this to your customers because it may be too late. With the Presto Reviews platform and services, it’s never too late. Reputation Management is an on-going process encompassing your business, your staff, and your customers, which can be easily managed with our software.

How it Works – We provide a tool to manage your reputation online

Presto Reviews is a platform, first and foremost. It’s a tool that businesses can put in place in-store as well as online. Our software effectively captures the single most important aspect of your reputation online: customer reviews.

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