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Customers are your most important asset – Prove it!

Achieving 100% customer satisfaction begins by opening the lines of communication with your customers. To know what your customers are thinking about their experiences with you, engage in conversations with them. You will find out what you are doing well in as well as be able to target areas that need improvement. By initiating the conversations, your business will be able to take a pro-active approach to building overall customer satisfaction.

Brand Evangelists

Your customers are Brand Evangelists

Real, genuine reviews by your customers provide potential customers enough information to form a decision on your product and business. It’s only natural; people trust what other people have to say about you. It’s your reputation! Loyal customers will be thrilled to share their experiences at your business with others, this in turn creates return business from the same customers, as well as generating new customers without pushy, self-gratifying advertisements that potential customers don’t fully trust. Capturing and sharing reviews of your product let’s your customers know that you take your reputation, and their business seriously.

Your staff are Brand Evangelists

You’ve already hired them, now let them be proud ambassadors of your business. Presto Reviews provides not only a great review capturing tool, but a way for your team to show online, how well they perform to potential customers. Imagine empowering your staff with the ability to showcase their excellent customer reviews to the world, increasing their worth for your business in the process. Reviews are categorized by employee, showcasing the number of customer reviews, as well as displaying an average star rating for each member of your team.

Presto Reviews

It’s Time to Engage

Presto Reviews provides you with a tool to engage customers on multiple levels, through multiple channels. You have the power to not only display customers (Brand Evangelists) reviews online, but you have the ability to embed great customer photos, video testimonials, and more into each review.

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