Increase Your Online Exposure & Presence

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How to increase your online exposure

  • Manage your Google page one search results
  • Box out competitors from targeting keywords for your business
  • Completely personalized review site
  • Relevant blogs and engaging online content
  • Press releases
  • Microsites
  • Social media awareness and activity
  • Link building

Defend your Google Page One property

Competitors and third party websites are all fighting for virtual real estate on your Google search results. By proactively defending your page one search results and keywords with relevant, engaging reviews and websites, it makes it more difficult for other websites to appear for searches of your business name or target keywords. Now, you have a “dog in the fight”.

Target local keywords and dominate your market

The Presto Reviews software and system makes it easy to target your market with relevant, engaging content; all from your customers. Your brand evangelists are your advertisements and sales force. Place the power in their hands as you manage your own reputation in the process.

Read more about targeting your local market with keywords β†’

Generate quality web traffic

By placing more strategically in search results, customer reviews will provide a more quality website lead and more profits for your business. Customers who read reviews and see the amount of dedication spent on customer service, are more prone to make a purchase decision based on others’ feedback.

Increase both ROI and Sales

It’s no secret that online customer reviews can dramatically increase sales. But until now who has given businesses this type of tool?

Presto Reviews empowers businesses by:

  • Making it easier for shoppers to decide β€œYES” to conducting business with you with easy-to-scan reviews that show at a glance what others think
  • Communicating in a voice shoppers trust
  • Making shoppers more confident to buy thanks to open and honest reviews of your business
  • Giving you a very necessary tool if you plan on competing in the digital space that your competitors are chasing
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