Review of Presto Reviews from David Pritchard, Digital Marketing Consultant

“About a year ago (2010) ratings and reviews started to gain real traction in automotive marketing, so I started researching potential candidates to handle the task for me. I searched high and low, for a company that understood the automotive and Digital Media space and was pretty disappointed in what I found. There were only a few operating in the space, they were way over -priced, and their approach to reputation was not very reputable.

Along the way, I heard about this guy, who was a Dealer, whom was also dabbling in the Reputation Management and SEO space. Rumor had it that he got so fed up with third party vendors taking advantage of Dealers, that he went out, learned everything he could about online reputation (a space he thought had potential to effect the Automotive Industry), hired a bunch of really talented tech people, and built his own system. What was even better, being a Dealer, he knew it had to be affordably priced, and he understood that it should be easy to use. He also knew “in dealership” Internet Departments are notoriously understaffed and underpaid so if he could add additional SEO benefits to the program, it would be an even bigger help to everyone.

It sounded too good to be true, so I went in search of the guy. I found it was all-true and then some. I took his product “Presto Reviews” for a test drive and really, really, liked it! It is truly a revolutionary approach to marketing, SEO, and Ratings and Reputation. Presto gives me so much value for my investment, I feel guilty! Not only is Presto everything they say it is. Everyone in the organization is outstanding. Everyone I have worked with goes well out of their way to help. I strongly endorse Presto Reviews! I can’t say enough good things about my experience with them; it’s my very best spent money on marketing. I will also say this about the owner; he has been a tremendous partner in my business, and a trustworthy council. It’s not everyday you go looking for a vendor and find a friend. Scott is one of those guys that will go the extra mile for you. I can’t tell you how many times without being asked he has gone out of his way to give me a helping hand. If you are looking for a vendor partner that will treat your business as if it was his own then you want to take a look at Presto Reviews.”

– David Andrew Pritchard, Digital Marketing Consultant

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