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Presto Reviews provides a custom SEO solution

Your reviews are automatically search engine optimized
using our tool
. You have complete control over how your reviews are displayed and where.

Presto Reviews Admin Panel

Our rich SEO features will take your online strategy to new heights. You can set custom reply fields that allow you to automate the entire review process if needed. Using this unique combination of tools, you can create web content and links that will be added to your reviews. You can add a reply automatically to each and every review if you choose. This bolsters the amount of inbound links to your website, potentially increasing your traffic.

Start with Page One Defense (POD)

The Presto Reviews optimization process targets very specific searches that already bring customers to your website and to your search engine page one. Now, you can deliver your very own review site on page one as well. Isn’t it time you fought back? You don’t have to let third parties siphon away your customers trying to find you online. Additionally, your custom review site will never be cluttered with ads and other distractions that cause you to lose leads. At Presto Reviews it’s all about your content.

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With Presto Reviews, you will have all of the SEO tools that you need in the palm of your hand. Presto Reviews has many robust tools to choose from, including the following features:

  • Easily create anchor text for link building
  • Customize title tags and metadata
  • Great POD™ Score tool!
  • HTML friendly platform
  • Includes city and salesperson aggregator
  • Includes a service review module
  • Each review creates a unique webpage
  • No ads or distractions for your customers

Feel safe in sending future customers to your Presto Site to read your reviews before they buy. Try sending your customers to other review sites and see what your customers think.

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