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Search Engine Results Pages are Virtual Real Estate Properties

With our technique, we can provide you with premium positioning to draw your customer’s attention toward a more relevant URL that includes your name ( By adding several reviews each day, your sites grow more relevant in the search engine’s eyes, indexing more for important terms that your customer is searching for.

So, what does that mean and why should you care? It means that each review that is written will have its own page. Each review has the potential to be indexed by search engines and that is great news for you and your dealership. We can even help you optimize a couple of the reviews for certain keywords if you like.

Syndicate Reviews through RSS and Micro-sites

We provide a customized micro-site to provide a reputation management portal for both your staff and your customers. Coined as “I Love Sites”, Presto Reviews integrates syndicated reviews onto each page of this micro-site, as well as provides links to your other reputation management sources so that customers can view all of your reviews in one easy-to-browse website.

  • Provide a simple way to manage your overall online reputation
  • Make a statement to customers how you feel about your reputation
  • Marketable, memorable website that customers will reference to friends
  • Make it easier for your employees to gather reviews from customers

I Love Site

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