Broadcast Customer Reviews via Twitter

Presto Reviews Twitter

Integrate customer reviews with social media

Your Presto Reviews site is designed to integrate tightly with the top social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. You decide which features you wish to incorporate. Once you have set up social media integration, the features work largely on “autopilot” to constantly update and enhance your social media presence.

Fully-customize your automatic Tweets to your audience

You can automatically tweet every review approved on your site to Twitter. Presto Reviews, however, does much more than generate boring, standardized tweets. You can choose up to ten customized formats for your tweets, giving them both freshness and additional search engine strength.

When you activate the Presto Reviews Automatic Twitter Feed, the system will automatically send out a tweet to the Twitter account of your choosing every time you approve a review. Every time a a review is tweeted, Presto Reviews software will choose one of your pre-defined or default templates to use as a Tweet. Tweet templates can contain words, numbers, hashtags, or any other text. And the best thing about them is that you decide how they are structured so they make the maximum impact on your audience.

Much more than a review

Every review posted by your customers can be much more than just a review. It can also be a mini-social-media hub that sits at the center of your customer’s social media world. By linking to top social media sites, your reviews gain much greater visibility; and conversely, you perform a valuable service to your customer by giving their social media presence additional search engine power.

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