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Scott Falcone, Founder and CEO of Presto Reviews, is an industry expert in Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization. Many businesses have called upon him and the Presto Reviews team to provide customized and effective Reputation Management services.

Steve Camp, Infiniti of Lisle“Scott Falcone has created a product with Presto Reviews that is unique in the marketplace. Besides having great page one SEO placement, it allows the dealer to use custom content in RSS feeds for landing pages, for microsites, for product pages, for city pages. It allows you to use custom content, the way that you want with SEO value and create an updated page, website that is second to none in the industry.”– Steve Camp, Executive Manager at Infiniti of Lisle
Monique Hausheer, Unique Monique Media / Off Lease Only“I can’t say enough good things about the team at Presto Reviews. Scott, Joey and Chad in particular are extremely customer oriented and they take very good care of my clients needs. Gaining customer feedback has helped us get a handle on our reputation management. We are able to be extremely pro-active in the event that a customer does have an issue as they have a direct way to reach out to us. Their programs hold sales people accountable and is a great way to judge each salespersons performance and customer satisfaction at the end of the month. Each salesperson has built a very strong presence online that there customers can view. It’s a nice way for the salesperson to earn credibility in the customers eyes and we now have over 7,000 online reviews for our dealership. I highly recommend their team and cannot say enough good things about Presto Reviews!”– Monique Hausheer, Unique Monique Media, Off Lease Only
Jim Keffer, Keffer Automotive Group“Scott has a very extensive understanding of how to employ Social Media Assets to position a company favorably. His company, Presto Reviews has provided a number of our stores a platform for managing customer reviews that allows us to be proactive in soliciting customer feedback and provides the opportunity to leverage positive reviews for marketing benefits.
I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND SCOTT FOR YOUR COMPANY!!”– Jim Keffer, Owner, Keffer Automotive Group
Pat Fowler Candlelite Chicago“Scott and his team take SEO and social media strategies to the next level. For a few months before we met with Scott we were trying to put together a strategy for our social media and gain more web presence, but we just simply didn’t know where to start…that’s when Presto Reviews came in clutch.Since we started the program, we have been more in touch with our customers via the internet and continue to grow our web strategy. Big thanks to Scott and his team!”– Pat Fowler, General Manager, Candlelite Chicago Restaurant/Bar
Sonja Griesbach, Woody's Automotive Group“I met Scott Falcone at the Digital Marketing Conference in NAPA where I was able to compare different RM companies and determined Presto to be the very best and most comprehensive reputation management program currently available. The program offers so much more than the competition including a fantastic SEO piece and Google Places Bundle! The Customer Service Presto offers far exceeds most vendors I deal with! I get immediate responses to my very few issues and I couldn’t be happier! I look forward to a long lasting business relationship with Presto Reviews and Scott Falcone.”– Sonja Griesbach, Internet Manager/Digital Marketing Manager, Woody’s Automotive Group
Ananth Godavari, Intellifusion Technologies“Scott is a true innovator that I worked with both as a client and as a vendor. He is one of the best dealers out there who has developed an innovative solution for dealership reputation management which is being recommended highly in the automotive industry. Scott is a honest businessman and one that I would recommend without hesitation.”– Ananth Godavari, Intellifusion Technologies, PCG Digital Marketing
Joey Abna, Peltier Chevrolet“Scott has a great product in Presto Reviews that he is constantly working on to deliver more value. A great thing about Scott is his desire to help his clients succeed whether it be with his service or best practices in general. Scott is a great asset to draw on for automotive and digital marketing information.”– Joey Abna, Digital Marketing Director, Peltier Auto Group
Moore and Scarry Agency“Scott has incomparable, detailed knowledge of all aspects of the retail automotive industry. He clearly knows this business inside and out. His out-of-the-box thinking and dedication to unique and effective marketing approaches is truly impressive.”– Patricia Wales, President MSA North, Moore and Scarry Advertising
Tom Coshow, CEO of Teledirect“Scott is an innovator in management, marketing and sales. He is great to work with because he is always bringing new things to the table, no matter which side of the client table he is sitting on!”– Tom Coshow, CEO, TeleDirect Call Centers

Bruce Etzcorn, PMT Advertising“As the Director of Product Development for Dealer HD / PMT Advertising I’ve had the pleasure to work with Scott as both a client and a service provider for nearly five years. During this period of time, Scott and I have worked closely on many projects.In an industry where bland, run-of-the-mill advertising and “standard practices” dominate, Scott is someone you take notice of. Scotts experience in both running dealerships and working with other dealers brings valuable insight into every project, making the final product successful and uniquely his.It’s been a pleasure working with Scott and I always look forward to our next adventures.”– Bruce Etzcorn, Director of Digital Product Development, PMT Advertising

Tracy Myers, Automaxx“I have worked with Scott for almost a year and am very happy with the services his company, Presto Reviews, provides for my dealership. I can always count on Scott and his team to provide excellent service. There have been several times when Scott took his valuable time to call me and “brainstorm” with me on the phone about marketing ideas. Scott is one of the true leaders of the automotive industry and it is an honor to have him as a friend and business partner.”Tracy Myers, Owner of Frank Myers Automaxx
msa“Scott Falcone is an absolute SEO genius. When our dealership first signed up with Presto Reviews, I knew nothing about SEO. However, I worked with Scott one on one, and he shared his expertise with me.”I now consider myself to have a very solid knowledge base about SEO. His Presto Reviews site has helped our dealership land on page one of Google for many different keyword phrases. I would highly recommend Presto Reviews to any business looking to boost their online presence and maintain a good online reputation.”– Jennifer Paine, Internet Marketing/Sales Manager, Gartner Hyundai Saab

David Pritchard, Digital Marketing Consultant“About a year ago (2010) ratings and reviews started to gain real traction in automotive marketing, so I started researching potential candidates to handle the task for me. I searched high and low, for a company that understood the automotive and Digital Media space and was pretty disappointed in what I found. There were only a few operating in the space, they were way over -priced, and their approach to reputation was not very reputable.Along the way, I heard about this guy, who was a Dealer, whom was also dabbling in the Reputation Management and SEO space. Rumor had it that he got so fed up with third party vendors taking advantage of Dealers, that he went out, learned everything he could about online reputation (a space he thought had potential to effect the Automotive Industry), hired a bunch of really talented tech people, and built his own system. What was even better, being a Dealer, he knew it had to be affordably priced, and he understood that it should be easy to use. He also knew “in dealership” Internet Departments are notoriously understaffed and underpaid so if he could add additional SEO benefits to the program, it would be an even bigger help to everyone.It sounded too good to be true, so I went in search of the guy. I found it was all-true and then some. I took his product “Presto Reviews” for a test drive and really, really, liked it! It is truly a revolutionary approach to marketing, SEO, and Ratings and Reputation. Presto gives me so much value for my investment, I feel guilty! Not only is Presto everything they say it is. Everyone in the organization is outstanding. Everyone I have worked with goes well out of their way to help. I strongly endorse Presto Reviews! I can’t say enough good things about my experience with them; it’s my very best spent money on marketing. I will also say this about the owner; he has been a tremendous partner in my business, and a trustworthy council. It’s not everyday you go looking for a vendor and find a friend. Scott is one of those guys that will go the extra mile for you. I can’t tell you how many times without being asked he has gone out of his way to give me a helping hand. If you are looking for a vendor partner that will treat your business as if it was his own then you want to take a look at Presto Reviews.”– David Andrew Pritchard, Digital Marketing Consultant

Luke Praxmarer, Corkill Insurance“Scott has done a fantastic job in helping us solve a problem. We tried several times with other folks to solve this and we failed….till we had Scott work for us.”– Luke Praxmarer, Corkill Insurance
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