Let’s get the most out of your reviews

We want your Presto Reviews site to provide you with as many benefits as possible. In order to get new information into the hands of your customers, we’ve put together a few tools and resources to use at your disposal. Check back periodically, as we’ll have more goodies for you to take advantage of!

Reviews RSS feed configuration instructions

Incorporate your customer reviews and syndicate them across all of your digital properties. Display them prominently on a blog, your main website, or even social media platforms. We’ve provided several configuration options to tailor the feed to display exactly what you want.
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Quick SEO guide for your Review Site

Presto Reviews already has some great automatic features to help guide your review site along the right path for the most optimal SEO benefits. We’ve provided a few extra pointers to squeeze out more from our software and really make an impact on your target keyword search results.
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Display your reviews on Facebook

Displaying reviews on Facebook is important to both previous and potential customers. Facebook has a wide audience and if used properly, can net you benefits you would not see on any other platform. Display your reviews where people are spending a majority of their time online!
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Graphics and image library

We took the time to come up with some icons for use on your website, blog, or any other digital property. Display your reviews proudly to your customers and gain their trust right from the start.
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Display your reviews on your other websites

Inside, you’ll find code to easily drop in your reviews to display on your website, your blog, or other web properties. It’s simple and easy to integrate with most websites.
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Presto Reviews in-store kiosk

Order a Presto Reviews kiosk and gather customers reviews right from your store. The display looks professional and is easy to assemble/move around.
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Video tutorials

Here are some great video tutorials on how to do some really neat things with your reviews, like embedding photos, embedding video, moderating your reviews, and adding staff members.
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