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Displaying your Presto reviews on your Facebook page is very simple, yet very powerful. As businesses continue to engage customers via social platforms it makes good sense to share your positive reviews with them on places such as Facebook. Here is how to add Presto Reviews to your Facebook page:

  1. Login to Facebook using an Admin account that manages your company’s Facebook Page.
  2. After logging in, go to
  3. From the dropdown box, Choose the page you wish to add the Facebook Application to
  4. Go back to your Facebook page. You should see a Presto Reviews button at the top row of your page. Once your account has been activated and you see the success message, wait 24 hours or contact us and we’ll finish the activation process for you.
  5. After we have finished the activation process on our end, you should see your reviews being pushed to your Presto Reviews tab on your Facebook Fan page!

Adding an RSS feed to a personal Facebook “Profile” using the “Social RSS” Application”

This is truly an exciting development for dealerships with salespeople who want to engage their friends and share their “professional side” with them. Consider this scenario…a salesperson has 300 friends and 200 of the 300 do not know that he or she sells cars at your dealership. By adding the review feed to his or her profile, each time a review is approved and moderated by your dealership it will appear on the salesperson’s Facebook wall. The very first review that goes up positively influences all 300 friends, but introduces your dealership to these 200 “strangers”.

It gets better…if this salesperson sells 15 cars per month and can get even 10 reviews (truly a low number with the Presto platform), these 200 people now receive 10 positive messages in month one, 10 more in month two, and 10 more in month 3. By now if any of these 200 “customers” is in the market for a vehicle or know someone that is, is it fair to say that YOUR salesperson just made the short list of who they may consider buying from? I think it’s very logical to assume that the type of messages these people received create the exact top of mind awareness that all dealerships dream about getting. And it’s all done on auto pilot and there is no additional charge to push these reviews to the profiles.  Let’s get started!

  1. Login to Facebook under the profile to which the RSS feed will be added.
  2. In the search box at the top, type in “Social RSS“. This will take you to a results page. The Social RSS application page should appear. If you do not see it, click on the ‘Apps’ link on the left. Once you see Social RSS application, click the icon to go to the application page.
  3. Under the profile photo image, click on “Go To Application”. When you are prompted to allow access to Social RSS, click ‘Allow’.
  4. You should now be in the application. In the Edit Settings tab under ‘Quick Select’, choose “My Profile”.
  5. In the FEED SETTINGS section, in line ‘Feed #1’, type or paste in your RSS URL. If you are adding a general feed for your business which includes all employees and reviews, the feed link should appear as follows: ( If you are RSS-ing a feed from an individual employee, the feed link should appear as follows: ( An ‘alternative link’ is not required.
  6. In the TAB SETTINGS section, enter your Merged Title. Keep it simple. Next, write an introduction about this RSS feed. Then, enter the review website link (not the RSS URL). List ‘max number of items’ at ‘5’ or ’10’. Under item description, choose ‘Full description’. Under items, choose ‘1st item open’. Choose ‘Yes’ for display date. Set your time zone appropriately. Under ‘Include share buttons’, choose ‘Yes’. Under ‘Send to your wall’, it is your choice whether you want to push the reviews to your wall and newsfeed. Auto-like posts is also your choice, but will allow you to easily see feedback comments from other Facebook friends who respond to your post.
  7. Click UPDATE.
  8. If you are prompted with a message to ‘Allow publishing’, choose ‘allow’.
  9. Go back to the profile that is going to have the new feed by clicking on the Facebook logo in the upper left corner. You should now be back at your profile’s news feed. In the left column, you should see the Social RSS. If you do not see it, click on ‘More’ and it should appear within the column. Your RSS feed setup is now complete!

*Instructions last updated on August 9, 2011. Because Social RSS is always evolving, it is possible that these instructions become obsolete before they are able to be replaced. If you find that these instructions no longer work for you, please send us an email at

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