RSS Instructions for Presto Reviews

RSS Instructions for Review Site

Once you have gathered a few customer reviews the time is right for you to re deploy them. One of the most powerful SEO components of your Presto Reviews site is the ability to push these reviews to numerous other digital properties like your blog, your staff pages on your main site, and your microsites. Rarely will you have one single tool to spread so much content without doing anything…once the feeds are set up there is literally nothing to do except get more reviews and watch them populate your other sites with content generated by your customers. So let’s get started!

This is for the standard feed.    ( is an example)

Here are some additional parameters:

s=[salesman name] get reviews for only one salesman

city=[city] for a city

state=[state] to get a state

max=nnn to set your own max # of reviews overriding the default

Because of the way URLs work, you cannot have any spaces or special characters in the parameters. If you want a space, you must use a “+” sign. For a double quote, use %22. For a single quote, use %27 .

You can combine parameters with a “&”. You must start the parameter list with a “?”. You can enter the parameters in any order.

Here are some examples:

Get all of Danny Jones’s reviews

Get all reviews from people in Blue Island

Get all reviews from people in Indiana

Get all of Danny Jones’s reviews from people who live in Chicago

Get the 3 most recent reviews of Danny Jones by people in Chicago

As for the codes: as you can see “Danny Jones” must be rendered as “Danny+Jones”. If you had a salesman named “Mike O’Malley”, his code would be Mike+O%27Malley .

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