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One of the most important components of utilizing your review site is the SEO (search engine optimization) value that it creates for itself and your other digital properties. Most dealers will tell you that they have nothing that comes close to their review site for creating unique content about their dealership. In an effort to help our dealers maximize this feature, we have created an SEO info page that may help you understand the basics of SEO and how it applies to your site.

Below is a list SEO terms and how they should be applied. We will be adding to this from time to time and may ask for some guest experts to chime in as well.


It is important to put some thought into the URL that you are going to create. The URL is auto-generated when you moderate your review and enter a review title for that specific review. The review title itself becomes the URL (you’ll notice that it will use the same words while inserting dashes in between them). You will want your URL and review title to be keyword rich, using search terms that are highly searchable in your area and for your market and brand. The Google Keyword Tool is a great source to see what keywords people are using to find search results on Google.

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What is a title tag?

It is a clue to the content of the web page or a very brief summary that can be passed on to search engines. It is also what consumers see as the main line of information when a search is delivered. The title tags in the search result below are Hawkinson Nissan Chicago | Hawkinson Nissan Reviews | Chicago …

Hawkinson Nissan Chicago | Hawkinson Nissan Reviews | Chicago

Title Tags

How to write one:

  • The length should be around 65-70 characters. If yours has a few more, don’t worry. Search engines may show somewhat fewer the the 65-70, but you shouldn’t cut the words off mid-description.
  • The topics should be divided by a pipe “|” a comma “,” a hyphen”-” or even an arrow “>”.  Many SEO strategists suggest the pipe, but you would not be wrong to use other symbols. It does allow for a nice clean read by your customers.
  • Your titles should contain some type of key word of key phrase as it relates to your page. A bad example would be WELCOME TO MY PAGE | HOME | UNTITLED | or stuffed with too many keyword like this CARS| CAR| REVIEWS |DALLAS |DALLAS CARS |TEXAS | TEXAS TOYOTA | CAMRY | TOYOTA . Another poor example would be no relevant keywords like GREAT CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE . A good example provides useful information about the page and its content RICHARDSON TOYOTA | ADDISON TOYOTA REVIEWS | REVIEWS OF ADDISON TOYOTA DEALERSHIP | TEXAS TOYOTA DEALER REVIEWS. Notice how we used keywords and phrases that would be important to the consumer and the search engines.
  • Write unique title tags for each page when possible.
  • “Grouping” keywords and key phrases that also happen to be “geo” targeted is a good idea also. MOKENA HONDA REVIEWS | FRANKFORT HONDA REVIEWS | ORLAND PARK HONDA | NEW LENOX HONDA . This would tell consumers shopping in a suburb of Chicago that your Honda dealership services these communities and that you have reviews available from these cities.


What is a description?

The description in the search result below is 708-720-8900 – Reviews of Hawkinson Nissan Chicago, Chicago Nissan Dealer of choice. Nissan Dealer Chicago, IL ratings and reviews. Tinley Park IL Nissan …

Hawkinson Nissan Chicago| Hawkinson Nissan Reviews | Chicago

Writing Description Metadata

How to write one.
  • The general rule is that you want each of your description tags to be unique. The description should be a 20-40 word summary of what the visitor will expect to find on that page and that page only. The total character content that is typically displayed is about 160, so anything after that number that you want to be displayed will be hidden in the initial search return. Descriptions for each page should be unique from the next. Make sure you summarize the page in a unique way, using primary and secondary keywords while making it compelling to searchers.
  • Keep the content in your description in line with your title tags and page content so that you are more likely to be displayed by the search engines.
  • Monitor your grammar and syntax as consumers don’t always click on top level searches if they are not well conceived and well written. If you are number five or six on a page but your title tags and descriptions are well written and thought out, you may be the first result to be clicked.


The search engines don’t put much, if any, stock in it and your visitors don’t see it. By all measures, it’s invisible. However, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines may be using them so it’s advisable to utilize when appropriate. Google may use them again in the future if it can prevent the spamming that occurred in the past.


What is it?

Anchor text is the text that contains the actual hyperlink. Anchor text tells the search engines that your link is about something very specific and that the link should be counted as a vote when results are being displayed by the search engines. If you have enough links on a given subject, the search engines should begin returning the site that these links are pointed to.

Your Charlotte Hyundai Dealer of choice for a new Elantra.

The Anchor text is “Charlotte Hyundai Dealer” and the link points to Keffer Hyundai in Matthews, NC who wants to be known as THE Hyundai dealership in Charlotte, NC.

Keffer Hyundai is your Charlotte Hyundai Elantra dealer of choice for a new or used Elantra.

This time we linked the anchor text to the Elantra inventory on Keffer’s model page. When you link to an interior page of a web site, this is known as “deep linking”. This is a practice that the search engines favor.

A word of caution – do not over link from your review site to any one site or the search engines may view you as a link farm…this is true for any digital property you own. Using links in your reply box is a very effective way to increase the presence of your digital properties on the search engines, but should be done so accordingly. There are a few good SEO vendors in our industry, such as PCG Consulting, who can share additional best practices. Presto Reviews is also happy to share best practices and proven winning strategies with you on how you can leverage your site to its fullest.

Additionally, do not use the following example to create links…”to see the largest Houston Dodge inventory click here.” This provides little value to the intended action.

Quality vs. Quantity

Quality – Links from a quality site containing relevant information, like those that reside on your Presto site and that are pointing to your targeted site, are something search engines favor. As mentioned, your review site will contain hundreds of pages full of very relevant content about the type of product you sell and what areas you service. By selecting quality keywords/anchor text and using your site properly and judiciously, your review site can become a major asset in your link building strategy.

Quantity – Having too many links from questionable sources or from a source that has nothing to do with your product or service may be harmful. We say “may be” as there are many marketers who aggressively use any and every site to create links to other properties and have great success with this technique. We believe that over time search engines could see this as an attempt to manipulate your sites authority and relevance as it pertains to your selected keyword link building phrases. Again, excessive link building should not be performed from your review site.

To learn more about SEO, we recommend that you visit sites like Search Engine Land, SEOmoz, and SEO Book.

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